Monday, March 27, 2006


Yesterday was Mothers' Day in Ireland. I got a nice bunch of flowers, chocolates and a card, a chance to have a nice bath and dinner from Burritos and Blues. It was a really nice day.

I did have to work, so didn't get to do the whole sleeping in and breakfast in bed thing. We actually got up earlier than usual on a Sunday morning (and the day the clocks changed, too!). We took a group of teenage girls to the local children's hospital to give away muffins, tea and coffee to the parents and staff spending Mothers' Day in the hospital. We couldn't go to the wards (there was an outbreak of a vomiting virus they were trying to control) but we did see a couple kids who were obviously pretty sick. And of course, it made me so gratful for the good health the Bups has enjoyed -- two weeks ago was the first fever she ever had (and it wasn't too bad) and she's really only been sick twice.

But there's so much more I'm grateful for, and it would be impossible to try and list everything. So here's just a few things I thought of this Mothers' Day:
Bupsy sleeps really well, and pretty much always has.
I didn't spend Mothers' Day being stressed out because we had to lead a church service, instead we got to do hands-on ministry with people who really appreciated it.
Watching Marcus walk up and down the hospital corridors with the Bups, I am grateful again with how involved he is, what a relaxed and confident dad he is, and the way I can count on him.
Not only has Bupsy been very healthy, I've had two uneventful pregnancies. Morning sickness, a bit of heartburn, a bit of a sore back, but nothing serious.
I was rocking the Bups the other night and singing our goodnight song when she suddenly sat up with an 'I've got an idea!' face and said 'Eeensy weensy?' ( she loves that song). I'm so grateful for my funny girl.

There's so, so much, but I will summarize: great ministry (great job doing ministry!), really great husband, great cute and funny daughter, healthy baby on the way, get to live in Ireland, great family, great friends... and most of all, a great God who has given me all these wonderful things. Thank you!!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I have realized that I don't spend enough time talking about why it's great to live in Dublin. So in honor of aul' Paddy, here is my top 10 of being a mom in Dublin (in no particular order, becuase ranking them would take extra thought!):

1. The weather -- not too cold in the winter, not too hot in the summer, and while it rains often, it isn't every day, and it never pours down with rain, thunder and lightning.
2. The (very) green grass year-round -- because of the rain!
3. The Wicklow Mountains which we can see as we drive to the grocery store.
4. Watching cartoons like Dora or Elmo on the Irish language channel and trying to guess what they're saying.
5. Not many convenience foods means we cook fresh food a lot more, which is better for us.
6. Free maternity care, including pre-natal appointments, hospital delivery and stay, and free appointments for the baby and me for 6 weeks.
7. They don't weigh me at the pre-natal apointments! I have had no idea of my weight since I got pregnant with Bupsy more than two years ago.
8. The laid-back Irish attitude. It can be annoying if you're waiting in line at a store or for your dining room ceiling to be fixed, but it's nice that people stop and chat, and nobody gets too stressed. Everything is good 'craic' (which is pronounced like crack, but just means good fun).
9. Having the day off for St. Patrick's Day!
10. And most of all, the kids, teenagers, and adults we've met while we've been living and doing ministry here. They really make Dublin the great place that it is for us.

So there's my list. Except I just thought of number 11 -- the Bups is Irish (the new baby will be too) since she was born here, and she has the coolest passport in English and Gailge. I love being a 3 citizenship family!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Back to Normal?

Well, it has been a while since I posted. We were away (in England) for two weeks, then Bupsy has been off form the past few days. But today seems to be better, and I'm not so tired, so here I am!

We went to England to go to a Salvation Army conference and then to visit some friends and relatives. It was nice seeing everyone, nice to go swimming in some really great pools, really nice to be given a spare crib (they call them cots here) for the baby so Bupsy can stay in hers. But it was tiring. She didn't have too many afternoon naps, she didn't sleep well at night (she loves to wake up in the morning, pop her head over the side of the travel crib, and see us there. 'Mama! Daddy!') and we had to chase her around the conference center, other people's houses, the mall, the musuem where she banged her head and got a massive lump and bruise.

After driving all day to get a ferry back to Dublin (and then coming home to a really cold house) we thought we would settle back into our routine, but the Bups has been a mess. She had 2 huge teeth coming in, which may have accounted for a certain... unpleasantness to her dirty diapers/nappies. One of these nappies was not up to the job and it leaked all over the place...bad enough, but she was in OUR BED at the time! She was miserable, clingy, tired, wanting to be carried all the time, and must frustrating of all, not eating anything. Then suddenly this morning she had two bowls of cereal and a banana for breakfast, a good lunch, and a huge dinner (plus snacks in between). The nappies have been more normal, and she seemed a lot happier today (still clingy, but in a nicer, cuddlier way).

Meanwhile, I am exhausted and my back hurts from carrying her up and down the stairs, not to mention baby #2 (who we refer to us 'the little one', but the nurse has assured me is 'nice and big!'). But tomorrow is my birthday and I told Marcus what I'd really like is for him to get up and give Bupsy breakfast while I sleep in a little bit. I can hardly wait! Now watch me blow it by staying up too late tonight...

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