Monday, February 13, 2006

Urban Life

The Bups and I went for a walk around the block today (like we do most days, to help her have a nice long nap) and I was feeling a little sorry for her for growing up in a city. Although we live in a fairly suburban part of Dublin, with gardens and trees and everything, from her view she mostly just sees the sidewalk, stone walls, and maybe iron gates. The thing that made me sad was that she can identify dog poo, litter, and cigarette butts (she says 'bleh', becuase we tell her they are yucky and she shouldn't touch them). But I suppose if we lived someplace else I would be telling her not to touch worms or poison ivy or something, and maybe we couldn't even go out for a walk without a nice, fairly dry sidewalk to walk on. And there are plenty of urban places that are a lot more yucky and dangerous than our neighborhood. She'll just grow up with the sound of car alarms sending her off to sleep instead of lovely crickets. But Dublin is worth it.

In Olympic news, there's no baby, which is not a surprise. What is mildly surprising is that the Irish channels aren't showing any Olympic coverage at all! But I suppose if there are no Irish athletes in it, RTE figures there's no point.

Because Bupsy has an Irish passport, I guess she would have a pretty good chance of making the Irish Olympic team. I'm going to take her out ice skating tomorrow! Except there are no ice rinks here (only at Christmas). Why do you think they're not in the Olympics?

Monday, February 06, 2006

Olympic Mama

As I briefly mentioned in my first entry, I love the Olympics. And they are starting again this week! I have to admit I do prefer the Summer Olympics, but the Winter ones are good, too. I like how you get to see weird, obscure sports and the people who dedicate their lives to them (for example, curling or biathalon). I like all the human interest stories and pictures of parents and girlfriends and little babies all waving flags and cheering for someone. I like hearing the national anthems of other countries. When I saw the Olympics in 1992 (I was 14) I decided to set a goal for myslef to learn all the national anthems by the next Olympics. That still hasn't happened.

Being an American watching the Olympics outside America is interesting, becuase you hear a lot more about various countries. I suppose that's because Ireland and the UK (we get the BBC channels as well as RTE, the Irish ones) don't have as many competitors, so to fill air time they feature other countries' athletes as well. Ireland doesn't have a single person (I think) in the Olympics this year. That's probably becuase it never snows! Irish people would correct me, saying once or twice a year we might get what I call 'flurries', but it doesn't really snow.

Bupsy was born two days before the Summer Olympics in 2004. Since I have another 12 weeks to go, I'm really hoping baby no. 2 doesn't come this week! As I was lying in the hospital ward watching synchronized diving (so cool) after Bupsy's birth, I thought about having 'Maternity Hospital' Olympics. In my ward of 6 people we had Ireland, America, Pakistan, and Sierra Leone represented, and there were at least 5 wards on my wing, 2 wings a floor, 5 floors in the hospital. Here are some events I thought probably wouldn't be included in the Maternity Hospital Olympics:

Speed cycling or Mountain biking (can you imagine?!!)
Gymnastics -- when they throw themselves on the balance beam, or on their chests on the floor
Weightlifting anything heavier than an 8 lb. infant
Equestrian. Oooh, no.
Trampolining (no nursing bra could take that amount of bouncing!)
Anything to do with running
Anything to do with standing
Anything other than lying in a bed eating

All this is just reminding me that I have to go through labor again in a very short while. I can recall thinking as I watched those Olympics in 2004 "I bet a marathon isn't really that tough. Not compared to childbirth!"

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